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China's instrumentation industry is widely used

With the deepening of the national industrialization, informationization, urbanization and agricultural modernization strategy, the strategic emerging industries will show a good momentum of development, a wide range of information and communication technology industry penetration and leading role will be further enhanced. With the deepening of industrial integration and the popularity of mobile communication technology, mobile Internet industry presents a rapid development trend.
Instrumentation industry is widely used
In the era of human society into the era of knowledge economy, the rapid development of information technology in the context of instrumentation and measurement and control technology has been increasingly widely used, to the rapid development of instrumentation industry provides a good opportunity. After nearly 10 years of construction and development, China's instrumentation has been the initial formation of a wide range of product categories, with a certain scale of production and development capacity of the industrial system, as Asia in addition to Japan, the second largest instrumentation producer.
The pace of development of instrumentation industry is sound
Instrumentation industry has been for many years to maintain the economic high running situation. Even when the global economy is affected by the financial turmoil, the industry economy has slowed down, but the growth rate of the instrument industry has not slowed down from the development of the panorama.
Relevant experts said: the rapid development of the instrument industry is due to the country's high-speed economic and stable development of the operation; in accordance with past experience, if GDP growth of more than 10%, the instrument industry growth rate of 26% to 30% The Second, because the impact of the national macro-control on the instrument industry has a lag, the instrument is often delivered in the latter part of the project, therefore, due to macro-control policies to reduce the investment on the instrument industry will not be too much impact.
With the mobile phone mobile network consumption potential continues to looming, consumers use mobile phone consumption frequency and share increased year by year. Mobile Internet hidden by the commercial value is more excavated, like the Chinese instrumentation of traditional industries have been born in the platform. With the explosive growth of the mobile Internet, and now it has gradually replaced e-commerce has become the fastest growing area of ​​the Internet industry, and mobile terminal entrance has become a battle of traditional industries. Instrument industry to enter the mobile Internet to achieve online development is imperative.