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CS Series Gas Mass Flow Controller Flowmeter

1 Innovative and Advanced CS Series Gas Mass Flow Controllers Flowmeters are a device that can accurately measure and control a wide range of medium and small flow gas mass flows. The product has high precision, fast response, good sealing, corrosion resistance, low zero drift and temperature drift, easy to use and so on. The product can be applied to more than 8 inches of semiconductor IC production lines, high vacuum equipment and other areas need digital mass flow controller, changing the digital mass flow controller in China completely dependent on the import situation.
CS series of products through the past two years of research and development testing, pilot production, small batch production, customer trial, in June 2008 through the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Industry and the provincial level identification. "Product technology to achieve the leading domestic level, comprehensive technical indicators have reached the international level of similar products."
CS Series Gas Mass Flow Controllers / Flowmeter innovations include two original innovations and one digestion and absorption innovation: Constant power sensor technology The sensor section is the core of the gas mass flow controller. Currently widely used is based on constant current source or constant current source of the sensor technology, but the sensor in the manufacturing process as difficult to ensure that the upper and lower windings are completely consistent. This will often lead to MFC zero drift phenomenon, which is the use of constant current source sensor system can not avoid the defects. In the CS series, a new constant power sensor technology is proposed. The main principle is that the automatic feedback circuit will automatically check the current through the sensor winding to increase or decrease the energy supplied to the winding to ensure that the energy consumption of the winding is constant The So that the various parts of the sensor and the gas through the sensor tube, are working in a constant environment, the characteristics remain unchanged, fundamentally inhibited the flow meter zero drift phenomenon, while greatly improving the system's measurement accuracy, Response speed and many other performance indicators. The innovation is the original innovation.
Digital sensor balancing technology In the CS series of products, combined with constant power sensor drive, proposed a digital sensor balance method, and can use continuous voltage to the sensor drive voltage temperature compensation. This method greatly improves the CS series sensor products for temperature drift suppression. Making CS series products can be used in the environment of drastic changes in temperature. The innovation is the original innovation.
CS series of products in the valve control technology has a number of innovative achievements, collectively referred to as VCP (ValveCorrectPedestal), the technology from the sensor characteristics, the establishment of the sensor dynamic response model. And then based on the model, the sensor signal processing, improve signal feedback.
At the same time the mechanical part of the international popular reverse intake structure. The structure of the internal valve gas dead space less, the valve response speed, no hysteresis phenomenon. Using high-performance single-chip processing a variety of signals, and the use of specific control algorithm, the output control signal. The method can effectively improve the quality of the gas mass flow controller. The system response speed, for the lower set value can still achieve good control effect.
The innovation belongs to digestion and absorption innovation.
At present, there is no high-end semiconductor and vacuum field of digital gas mass flow controller, CS series of products will be China's first with independent intellectual property rights of high-end digital gas mass flow controller.
The world's leading suppliers of gas mass flow controllers are mainly in the United States and Japan. Its main US Celerity (formerly known as the United States Tylan and Unit), the United States MKS company, said the STEC and Japan AE company, they basically monopolize the world's high-end digital gas mass flow controller market. Its products are similar to CS series products for Celerity's IN2 series (original Tylan products) and Unit8161 series (original unit company's products), TEC's Z500 series, AE's Transformer series, MKS's ALTA1480 and ALTA180A series. These products are the current mainstream products, occupy the high-end flow meter market, in the semiconductor, vacuum and other fields has been widely used.
CS series of products compared with similar foreign products, in the main indicators, such as precision, repeatability, multi-gas multi-range function and so reached the same level. In the zero drift, response time and other advantages. And CS series also supports single power and dual power supply, while supporting analog 0-5V voltage and 4-20mA current, greatly facilitate the use of customers.
CS series of products through international cooperation in research and development of new products, research and development and testing activities are carried out under the Qixing Electronics Organization, Qixing Electronics have completely independent intellectual property rights.
CS Series Gas Mass Flow Controller Flowmeter April 2008 The project is CE certified by ECMG. June 2008 through the Beijing Institute of Metrology and Testing Product identification, in June 2008 through the provincial and ministerial level identification, in October 2008 through the ODVA DeviceNet-test and SEMI standard test.
At present, the project has declared 11 patents, including 3 invention patents, 2 patent licenses and 1 software registration.
2 application and market China's rapid development of electronic information industry, has become China's fastest growing national economy, the highest output value of the industry, computer and communications industry, high-speed growth, integrated circuits are also 30% growth rate. The world's integrated circuit manufacturing industry is moving to China, China's rapid development of the semiconductor industry for the integrated circuit equipment industry has brought a broad market. The International Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Association (SEMI) has forecast that China's semiconductor equipment spending in 2006 will increase from $ 1 billion in 2005 to $ 2.03 billion, to $ 2.05 billion in 2007 and 25.6 in 2008 Billion dollars. The total capital expenditure of China's integrated circuit equipment in 2006 was US $ 6.6 billion.
In a semiconductor device, the gas mass flow controller is the only component that makes precise measurement and control of the gas. In the semiconductor process, many key processes such as epitaxial, CVD, LPCVD, PECVD and so on require the quality of the gas flow control. Therefore, the gas mass flow controller has an extremely important role in the semiconductor device. Major customers are mainly concentrated in the semiconductor equipment manufacturers, various semiconductor production FAB plant, the institutions of higher learning, research institutes, vacuum equipment manufacturers and other fields and industries.
And with the continuous development of semiconductor technology, the market continues to expand, the gas quality flow controller demand will follow the rapid growth. And China's current semiconductor industry in the high-end gas mass flow controller are from abroad, often there is a high price, long lead times, after-sales service is not timely, expensive parts and other issues, seriously restricting the development of China's semiconductor equipment and industry The
CS series of products, so that China's first capacity to produce with independent intellectual property rights of gas quality flow controller, breaking the monopoly of foreign products to China. Compared with the international similar products, not only in terms of price advantage, but also in product quality, localization of fast service are strong competitiveness, so the future of products in the domestic and international market prospects are very good.
Since 2009, the product has entered the mass production stage and is expected to reach production by 2012. Annual production to achieve annual sales of 10,000 units, annual sales income of 80 million yuan. CC