[Yarn] What is the knot yarn, knot yarn What are the characteristics?

Knot yarn is a kind of fancy yarn, according to the classification of fancy yarn, should belong to the control type. Its main feature is in a yarn on the regular distribution of the prominent knot and named knot yarn. According to the color, raw materials, knot size can be broadly divided into four categories, namely, cotton knot, Juan silk knot, hair knot, color knot. Qi Rongxuan work in contact with the knot yarn more, I prefer color knot, feeling colorful, bright and impressive, especially suitable for decorations.

China's instrumentation industry is widely used

With the deepening of the national industrialization, informationization, urbanization and agricultural modernization strategy, the strategic emerging industries will show a good momentum of development, a wide range of information and communication technology industry penetration and leading role will be further enhanced.

CS Series Gas Mass Flow Controller Flowmeter

Innovative and Advanced CS Series Gas Mass Flow Controllers Flowmeters are a device that can accurately measure and control a wide range of medium and small flow gas mass flows. The product has high precision, fast response, good sealing, corrosion resistance, low zero drift and temperature drift, easy to use and so on.

Basic principles of DC power supply

Alone, the difference between the level of water can not maintain a steady flow of water, and by means of continuous water pump from the low to be able to maintain a certain level of water to form a steady flow of water. Similarly, the electrostatic field generated by the charge alone can not maintain a steady current, and by means of a DC power supply, the non-electrostatic effect (referred to as "non-electrostatic force") can be used to make the positive charge from the lower potential Through the internal power back to the higher potential of the positive pole, in order to maintain the potential difference between the two electrodes, resulting in a steady current.

Function and composition of power circuit

Each electronic device has a power supply circuit that supplies energy. The power supply circuit has three kinds of rectifier power supply, inverter power supply and frequency converter. Most common household appliances use DC power supplies.

Alibaba restructures e-commerce business to get ready for 'new retail'

Alibaba Group Holding Ltd announced on Friday its plan to restructure its e-commerce business