WPF seires

WPF seires



This is the description of WPF seires


.Dual channels function/arbitrary waveform generator and frequency sweeper
.125 MSa/s sampling rate and 14-bit vertical resolution per channel 
.Output of 5 standard waveforms, built-in 48 kinds of arbitrary waveform
.1μHz~10M/30M/60M frequency range for main waveform
.10Hz~1.5GH equal-accuracy frequency counter
.Multi modulation function: AM, DSB - AM, FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM, pulse train and logarithm/linear sweep
.Standard USB(H), optional USB(D), GPIB and LAN interface
.Various input and output: waveform output, synchronous signal output, external modulation input, external benchmark
10 MHZ clock input, external trigger input, internal trigger output

Technical Data WPF10/WPF10S WPF10/WPF10S WPF10/WPF10S
CH1,CH2 Output frequency

Sine: 1μHz~10MHz
Square: 1μHz~10MHz
Pulse: 1μHz~5MHz

Sine: 1μHz~30MHz
Square: 1μHz~25MHz
Pulse: 1μHz~10MHz
Sine: 1μHz~60MHz
Square: 1μHz~30MHz
Pulse: 1μHz~15MHz
Output amplitude 0.5mVp-p~10Vp-p (50Ω load) (f ≤ 5MHz)
0.5mVp-p ~ 5Vp-p (50Ω load) (f ≤ 30MHz)
0.5mVp-p ~ 2.5Vp-p (50Ωload) (f > 30MHz)
1mVp-p~20Vp-p (1MΩ load) (f ≤ 5MHz)
1mVp-p ~ 10Vp-p (1MΩload) (f ≤ 30MHz)
1mVp-p ~ 5Vp-p (1MΩ load) (f > 30MHz)
Output wave sine, square, ramp, pulse, triangle, arbitrary 48 kinds equipped waveforms and 5 kinds custom waveforms
Output modulation AM, DSB - AM ,FM, PM, FSK, ASK, PWM
Wave length 4k points
Wave accuracy


Sampling rate


Frequency resolution


Frequency stability ±1ppm
Amplitude resolution 0.1mVp-p
Amplitude accuracy ≤1%+1mVp-p (1kHz)
Amplitude flatness ±0.3dB (relative to 100kHz sine wave,5Vp-p)
Offset range ±10V (1MΩ load)/±5V (50Ω load)
Offset resolution ±(1%+5mV)
AM modulation depth 0% ~ 120%
FM modulation deviation Max.50%, 10μHz resolution
PM modulation range 0~ 360.0°, 0.1°resolution
FSK/ASK 2mHz~50kHz (50% duty cycle square)
PWM 500μHz~20kHz
Sine wave Harmonic distortion -60dBC (DC~1MHz), -53dBC (1MHz ~5MHz)
-35dBC (5MHz ~25MHz),-32dBC (25MHz ~60MHz)
Distortion factor

≤0.2 % (DC~20kHz,1 Vp-p)

Square wave Rise time

≤12ns (10% ~ 90%,≤10Vp-p)


20% ~ 80% (1uHz ~10MHz), 40% ~ 60% (10MHz ~20MHz), 50% (>20MHz)

Triangle wave Linearity < 0.1% of peak output(typical,1 kHz,1 Vp-p,Symmetry 100%)
Symmetry 0~100%
Sweep Sweep time 1ms~500s
Sweep mode line/log
Burst Alternation 1μs~500s
Burst count

1~1000000 cycle

Burst mode single, internal, external
Pulse Wave length 20ns~2000s
Rise time ≤7ns (10% ~ 90%,1 kHz,1 Vp-p)
Over shoot <5%
Arbitrary Waveform length 4k points
Amplitude resolution 14 bits
Sample rate 125 MSa/s
Jitter (RMS) 8ns
Non-volatile memory 5 waveforms
Frequency sweeper   WPF10S WPF30S WPF60S
Sweep range 10KHz~10MHz 10KHz~30MHz 10KHz~60MHz
output power +20dBm~-30dBm
dynamic range +20dBm~-60dBm
frequency resolution 1μHz
Sweep time 100mS~100S
Marker 2pcs
Interface USB (H), optional USB (D), LAN, GPIB
Power supply 100~240 V AC, 45~440Hz, CAT II, 50VA
Dimension(W×H×D) 250 × 120 × 310mm
Weight 2.5kg

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