.High performance 150MHz clock, frequency resolution 9 digits/s, time interval resolution 7ns
.Apply high performance AVR CPU, LSI and CPLD device, high reliability
.Channel C: 9GHz maximum
.Automatic limit testing for frequency measurement
.Math testing for frequency measurement
.Statistics (include mean, maximum, minimum, delta, rel, PPM, stand deviance, Allan variance) for frequency measurement
.Save and store 9 different measurement state setups
.RS232C and centronics printer interface
.4.3-inch TFT color LCD display

spectrum analyzer audio
transistor curve tracer circuit schematic
spectrum analyzer audio
Function Measure frequency, time interval(average), period, frequency ratio, totalize, PW(average), duty cycle(average), self-calibrate and etc
Measure frequency range 0.1mHz~150MHz(Channel A&Channel B)
Extend frequency 100MHz~1.5GHz(Channel B for SP3312V)
Channel C 100MHz~500MHz(SP3312 I)
100MHz~1.5GHz(SP3312 II)
100MHz~2.5GHz(SP3312 III)
100MHz~3GHz(SP3312 IV)
1.5GHz~9GHz(SP3312 V)
Input voltage 30mVrms~1.5Vrms(100MHz below)
Period range 20ns/10ns ~ 7000s
Time interval range 20ns ~ 7000s, 7ns resolution
Phase range 0~360°
PW range

≥20ns, (cycle<100s)

Duty cycle range 1~99%, (cycle<100s)
Measure accuracy ±7x10-9/Gate time(s)
Frequency resolution 9 digits/Gate time(s)
Couple mode ChannelA, B: AC/DC
Channel C:AC
Input impendance 1MΩ/45pF or 50Ω
Totalize capacity 0~1x1012
Time base stability ≤±1x10-8/d
Power supply 110~127VAC±10%/220~240VAC±10%, 50Hz±2Hz/60Hz±2Hz
Dimensions(WxHxD) 265 × 105 × 375mm
Weight 3kg

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