DQ2000Y Series

DQ2000Y Series




. 1GSa/s sampling rate
. 2 or 4 channel mode
. 8 inch wide rectangle color LCD with WVGA(800x480) resolution
. Waveform capture rate up to 50,000wfms/s
. Memory depth 28Mpts per channel
. 1mV/div~20V/div wide range
. 256 level intensity grading
. 65,000 frames for waveform record and replay
. Support serial bus trigger and decoding
. Interface: USB Host, USB Device, LAN, AUX out

digital storage oscilloscope manual
digital oscilloscope usb
digital oscilloscope with function generator
TechnicalData DQ2072Y DQ2074Y DQ2102Y DQ2104Y
Type 8" rectangle colour LCD
Backlight intensity 300nit (cd/m2)
Display resolution 800 horizontal×480 vertical pixels
Display contrast Adjustable
Channels 2 4 2 4
Sensitivity and accuracy 1mV / div~20V / div
Vertical resolution 8 bit
Width of band (-3dB) 70MHz 70MHz 100MHz 100MHz
Rise time ≤5ns ≤5ns ≤3.5ns ≤3.5ns
Sing-shot band width 70MHz 70MHz 100MHz 100MHz
Input coupling DC , GND , AC
DC gain accuracy ±3%
SEC/DIV range 5ns~50s/div 5ns~50s/div 2ns~50s/div 2ns~50s/div
Sampling rate range 250MSa/s(4CH), 500 MSa/s(2CH), 1GSa/s(1CH)
Waveform capture rate 50,000 wfms/s
Wave forn interplation (Sinx)/x
Memory depth Auto, 28kpts, 280kpts, 2.8Mpts, 28Mpts per channel
Sampling rate and delay Time accuracy ±50ppm over any ≥1ms time interval
Delta time Measurement accuracy Single ±(1 sampling interval time+50ppm×rdg+0.6ns)
Average ±(1 sampling interval time+50ppm×rdg+0.4ns)


AUTO, Normal, Single
Type Edge, Alternate, Runt, Time Out, Nth Edge, Delay, Duration, Setup/Hold, Pulse Width, Slope, Video, Pattern, RS232/UART,I2C,SPI
Bus decode (optional) RS232/UART,I2C,SPI
Hold off range 100ns ~ 10s
MATH +, -, ×, ÷, FFT, logical operations, editable advanced operations
Acquisition mode Sampling, peak detection, high resolution, envelope, and average
Input couping DC、AC or GND
Input impedance 1MΩ±2%// 20pF±3pF
Probe attenuation 0.001×, 0.01×, 0.1×, 1× 10×, 100×, 1000×
Max.input voltage 300V (DC+AC peak, 1MΩ)
Channel CMR Better than 40: 1
Interchannel time delay 150ps
Cursor Voltage difference (△V) between cursors
Time difference (△T) between cursors
Reciprocal of △T in Hz (1/△T)
AUTO-Mesure Peak-Peak, Amplitude, Maximum, Minimum, Top, Bottom, Mean, Middle, Cycle Mean,
RMS, Cycle RMS, Area, Cycle Area, Overshoot, Preshoot, Frequency, Cycle,
Rise Time, Fall Time, Positive Pulse, Negative Pulse, Positive Duty Ratio, Negative
Duty Ratio, Delay A->B↑, Delay A->B↓, Delay B->A↑,Delay B->A↓
Number of measurements Display up to 5 measurements at the same time
Measurement statistics Average, Max, Min, standard deviation, number of measurements
Frequency Counter Hardware 6-bit counter (selectable channels)
Standard USB Host, USB Device, LAN, AUX OUT
Optional LA Module, WaveGen Module, DMM Module
CALIBRATOR SIGNAL 10Hz,100Hz,1kHz,10kHz;≈3Vpp
POWER SOURCE 100~ 240VACrms, 50Hz/60Hz; 50VA Max
ACCESSORIES Operation manual, power cord, USB cable, probe×2(×4), software CD-ROM
DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT 336(W) × 164(H) × 105(D)mm, 3.5kg

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